The Beginning..

On a cold winter day in Delhi, we sat huddled in a room with a white board with these three words – Two Worlds Meet. The three of us came with privileged education backgrounds, professional careers with leading companies and the drive to change status quo. We saw that India’s growth has created enormous wealth but also enormous disparities and fewer solutions to our big development challenges.

We believe that these are not someone else’s problems – the government or NGOs alone. There’s now a growing consciousness in India that as individuals, as families, as companies, if we are in a position to do good and make a difference to someone’s life, we should do it. Two Worlds Meet is an effort to get companies and people like you & me to connect, find inspiration and participate in driving positive change in India. 

Two Worlds Meet

is a blog that profiles people, partnerships and best practices from the ‘Two Worlds’ of:

  • Companies and Non-profit organizations
  • Business and Development
  • Growth and Inclusion
  • CSR professionals and social entrepreneurs
  • Organizational CSR programs and individual citizen action

This is meant to be a participative platform for members to connect with each other, discuss and provoke ideas. So do write in, share and leave your comments.

Who’s it meant for?
CEOs, CSR & marketing professionals, social entrepreneurs, non-profit organisations, anyone interested in social change, business sustainability and CSR.

What’s in it for Companies?
Professional companies in India are now displaying the intent and commitment to build impactful strategic CSR programs that are aligned with their business goals. Many have defined their CSR vision but often find it challenging to identify causes and partners aligned with their business and brands, get employee engagement going, measure impact of their social investments and address long term sustainability. Two Worlds Meet will profile successful CSR case studies, elicit insights from development and CSR professionals and be a hub for innovative ideas and partnerships.

What’s in it for Individuals?
Two Worlds Meet will profile inspiring individuals who have taken an off the beaten path approach to their work. From CSR professionals, social entrepreneurs, founders & CEOs – these are people who’ve taken a lead in driving change. Their stories, challenges and advice will help fire your drive if you’re wondering what you can do in your individual capacity.

Who writes this blog?
Two Worlds Meet is written by a team of three professionals.  We’ve worked in companies including HuL, Mphasis, Maersk and chose to transition out of our mainstream corporate careers to work in the development space. In our alternative avatar, we’ve worked extensively with artisans and agri-entrepreneurs; training them in finance/accounting, marketing, design and micro enterprise management to ensure that they are able to access markets on fair terms, increase their incomes and continue to engage in their craft. We also advice and manage CSR programs for leading Indian companies. In addition, we set up India’s first program for responsible and ethical gifting that has been adopted by over 20 companies.

Is this blog only about livelihoods?
No. We write about meaningful, deep-impact programs, be it in livelihoods, education, environment, women’s empowerment, health, disability or other relevant areas. Wherever an individual, an organization, a partnership, a program has addressed a pressing development challenge, we hope to cover them and more.

Can I contribute to the blog?
Yes, We WANT you to contribute! Our aim is to create a vibrant community of readers, who engage meaningfully with each other. Please write to us at *avantika@earthygoods.co.in* if you’d like to write a guest article or leave a comment below.

How can I get your blog posts delivered to my Inbox?
Please click on *subscribe by email* (link) and enter your email id. New posts will automatically be delivered to your inbox.


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  1. …I like the title “two world meet”..And featuring inspiring stories of disability.

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